Revolutionize clean energy finance

For Investors

By financing solar projects in a similar model to real estate, BPF also offers the potential of solid investor returns with predictable cash flows, backed by long-term Power Purchase Agreements with high credit quality off-takers.

Invest in BPF’s groundbreaking solution today and help end the market fragmentation and inefficiencies that constrain small and medium-sized solar developers from participating in the robust transformation of North America’s energy grid from fossil fuel to green power.
own your solar projects

For Developers

BPF’s innovative financing structure can eliminate the liquidity issues faced by small and mid-sized solar developers by committing up to 100% of the capital needed to construct a project, as well as long-term financing to match the asset’s lifecycle, significantly reducing the total cost of capital and eliminating the capital constraints that prevented developers from capturing the value they’ve created.

Developers are now empowered to preserve their equity, become long-term project owners, and build their balance sheets, which can increase their business’ valuations by capturing the entire value chain stemming from the projects they develop.